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Patch 1.10 News: Priest Updates


If you're a priest, you're no doubt looking forward to patch 1.10 with both anticipation and dread.  That's right, 1.10 is the priest's turn for a class review, and while final details are scarce, the announcements so far are promising. 

On Blizzard's agenda:

  • New talents - expect from one to four brand new talents in each tree
  • Talent reorganization - streamlining of all trees, with a focus on Holy and Discipline
  • Racial abilities - Dwarves are still the only ones with fear ward, but the proposed changes make other racials look appealing, as well
  • Inner Fire - the attack power bonus is being removed and replaced with... something!  Hopefully there will be more info on this soon.
  • Greater Heal - will have its casting time reduced by a full second and be made more mana efficient (though whether that will be by lowering its mana cost or increasing the amount healed is unclear)
  • Holy Fire - will no longer require a talent investment
  • Power Word: Shield - Eyonix has stated that they're working on improving its scaling (for those of you unfamiliar with PW:S, all of a priest's healing spells can be improved by aquiring healing gear, while the power of PW:S remains static), but has not yet provided any details on actual changes
  • Group buffs - expect group versions of both divine spirit and shadow protection

Eyonix is collecting feedback on the racial changes, so if you have a suggestion, you may want to post it!

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