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Use your BRAINS in zombified adventure game

GameSetWatch clued us into this beautiful point-and-click style adventure game called Nearly Departed where "you emerge from a grave, apparently a zombie with amnesia, and have to solve the mystery of your demise while resisting your craving for BRAINS!"

In a three-page interview with Adventure Europe the game's creator, John Green, rationalized it this way, "It might seem cliche in an adventure game that you play a character who has amnesia and can’t remember who you are, but look, you’re a zombie. You’ve got half your brain exposed. How many zombies do you know who can remember who they are, much less have an intelligible conversation?" Indeed.

The game is still in development, but there is a demo available for both Windows and Mac OS. A one-man job, Nearly Departed is made using LASSIE (Lingo Adventure Scripting System and Interactivity Engine) and will be distributed by Pinhead Games.

[Via GSW]

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