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Nintendogs sales take flight in Europe


A central weakpoint in the people of Europe has now been exposed: They simply can't resist the charm of Nintendo's obscenely adorable polygonal puppies. Nintendogs has now sold 2 million copies over there, with no signs of slowing down. Nintendo attributes this massive success (which eclipses both Japan and North America) to the game's wide appeal that incorporates female gamers. Yes, they have those in Europe too.

With the news out of the way, I should express my personal dislike for posting about Nintendogs. I got tired of the game quite a while ago, feeling that I didn't have enough time to properly take care of my puppy. Reminded of this by the news story, I quickly dismissed the urge to go play the game again. "Bah, I don't care about neglecting my dog. He's probably run away by now. I'm over that game." No sooner had I reached the end of the paragraph than I experienced the guilt, eating away at me like a termite infestation in a log cabin. "How could I be so cruel? I have to turn on my DS and check to see if little Gonzo is okay."

Damn you, Nintendogs, for making me worry so about a cleverly disguised chunk of programming code!

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