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RIP OSx86 Project?


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Well, that didn't take long. The week started er, innocent enough with the OSx86 Project announcing a "Patch Solution" to the current-at-the-time OS X for Intel followed by an OSx86 forum post detailing the steps to install the same OS from the System Restore DVD. Big news since that release presumably featured Apple's best attempts to lock the OS to their hardware. Now, rather than wait for the hacks to get all dolled-up as a torrented OS X installer for any ol' x86 box, Apple likely unleashed the DMCA goons who have effectively shut down the OSx86 Project's forums -- the stage where the likes of Maxxuss danced around OS X security and kicked out a chorus of hacks. The rest of the site remains unaffected. Doubtful this move will do much more than create a temporary delay in efforts as either the forum or hacking community en masse find respite beyond the gnarled fingers of the DMCA's reach.

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