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Verizon will help launch MySpace band contest winner

Evan Blass

Think your band's got what it takes to impress a guy with 50 million friends? Well if you've the musical chops to win over Tom Anderson and his MySpace army (and the suits at Verizon- they have the final say on the winner), you could be the lucky beneficiary of more Verizon publicity than the "Can you hear me now?" dude. The big V is teaming up with the 'Space to hold the "Calling All Bands" contest, where some unsigned band will have a song produced and distributed through the V CAST download service. And since this is a mobile carrier we're talking about, the song will be made available as a ring tone, and even an annoying ringback tone, to Verizon subscribers. As if all that exposure weren't enough, Verizon is also ponying up to make a music video featuring the winning band, which--you guessed it--will be downloadable from V CAST as well.

[Via MocoNews]

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