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Qtek's first EDGE clamshell, the 8500 musicphone

Evan Blass

It looks like Qtek will also be releasing the Windows Mobile-powered HTC Star Trek, following i-mate's announcement of their Smartflip, to be sold in Europe as the 8500. Surprisingly, Qtek's own site (linked) makes no mention of the Star Trek's smartphone capabilities, instead playing up the multimedia features like dual color TFT LCDs, 2-megapixel camera (which Qtek oddly claims to be only 1.3-megapixels-can you underclock a CCD/CMOS?), and microSD-supported music playback functionality. This will be Qtek's first foray into flip phones, unless you count the PDA-ish 9000 (a.k.a. the i-mate JASJAR, T-Mobile MDA IV), and one of their first models that supports high-speed EDGE data networks. Expect to see the Star Trek/Smartflip make a European appearance as the 8500 sometime in May.

[Via Smartphone Thoughts, pic courtesy of Phonescoop]

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