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Of Art and Armor Sets


The art of Azeroth is done in a very cartoonish style - and Blizzard's unique artwork helps set it apart from other games in the genre.  However, Blizzard's style is not for everyone.  One of the things I like least about Warcraft is the way that, after level 60, everyone starts to look the same.  Around that point, nearly everyone starts collecting their class armor set, and you have trouble finding a priest who isn't trying to get full devout or a warrior not decked out in valor.  And what if you dislike the look of your armor set?  Well, you can disable the display of helm and cape, but you're stuck with the rest.  The idea of armor dyes - to change the color of your armor of choice - has been brought up numerous times on the Blizzard forums to no resolution (community manager Caydiem has never said it won't happen, but mentions technical difficulties whenever it's brought up).  I'm lucky enough to like the look of my warlock's Felheart set, but not everyone would agree - like this pensive hunter, forced, forever, to be clad in brilliant purple and gold.

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