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Adidas Clima TechFit Olympic powersuits

Ryan Block, @ryan

Athletes may look a little, um, avant garde wearing their spanking new Adidas Clima TechFit suits, but apparently these outfits offer a variety of benefits not found anywhere else to Turin Olympians this year. Designed to optimize bodily efficiency, reduce oxygen consumption, and muscle energy output, Clima TechFit suits utilize thermoplastic urethane "compression strips" to link the wearers' appendages to the center body mass (they call this Powerweb, which was until now our working nickname for Web 2.0). Does all this work? Well, studies have shown a 5.3% increase in energy output and 1.1% faster sprint in a 30 meter dash, which could well be the difference between a Gold and a Bronze, or no medal at all. Why you'd need this getup for firing your rifle, however, is entirely beyond us.

[Via Gizmag]

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