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Circuit City nails it!

Matt Burns

We all know that there is TONS of bad info out there about HDTV and the digital transition, but Circuit City seems to be on the ball. Check out this sign that was located at one of our readers local store. It reads:

If you rely on a TV antenna to receive your TV signal please note: Congress has passed legislation requiring "analog" TV broadcasting to end on February 17, 2009. After that date, all "over the air" TV broadcasts will be available exclusively in "digital" format. If you rely on a TV antenna to receive television broadcast and are shopping for a new TV, you should check whether that TV has a digital tuner.

This change will not affect the ability of any TV to work with cable boxes, satellite boxes, DVDs, VCRs or game consoles. For more information ask a product specialist or visit

This statement is simple and complete. The link is even better and gives a very extensive, but easy to read explanation of the DTV transition. Well done Circuit City.

[Thanks for the tip Kyle!]

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