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Deauthorize all iTunes machines at once


Chris Breen has a quick tip on Playlist about deauthorizing iTunes machines. That is, any machine where the iTunes store has been enabled with a certain account. You can only have five machines "authorized" at once, which really means only five Macs in your house can play the same tunes purchased off the store at a time. If you go beyond this number, you play the musical chairs game of deauthorize and reauthorize on each computer as you need to... No fun. So Breen discovered, once you have maxed out your authorizations, a new option becomes available: deauthorize all. This allows you to yank the plug on your iTunes installs in one fell swoop. Never fear, your songs will remain intact, just frozen so you can't play them until you reauthorize iTunes on a machine. Just another little maintenance item, or a royal pain that's a total sellout solution to the RIAA?

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