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Engadget interviews Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime

Our brothers-in-gadgetry at Engadget have posted an interview with the singular life-force known simply as Reggie. They run him through the paces, asking about everything from a third DS revision (not an unreasonable assumption), to Xbox Live (very intriguing). He makes it clear they're going to be revealing details about the Revolution all the way up until launch, not just at E3.

The interview was conducted before Reggie announced that Twilight Princess was delayed but might feature "special" functionality on the Revolution (still just a codename). We have it on good authority* that Reggie's gone into hiding after hearing the collective outcry of the world's Zelda fans.

*We made it up.

UPDATE: We forgot the best part! Reggie said, "I have to tell you, I read both Engadget and Joystiq on a regular basis. So keep up the great work." Thanks, Reggie!

Does that mean we'll get an invite next time the Revolution controller comes around? Really, Reggie, call me... seriously... please? If that's a yes, post anything in the comments using the word "the" and I'll take it as a yes, and stay up late every night waiting for your call.

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