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My Comcast DVR lets me down again

Matt Burns

I wrote a post months ago about how I loved my Motorola 6412 from Comcast. Well, I've had it for months and I'm ready to throw it out the window. A bunch of readers left comments on my original posts about their complaints and I feel for you all now.

Last night, the DVR didn't record the last 8 minutes of the NBA All-Star Game. Why not? It started on time and it did not go into overtime. These things are just dumb devices that go off of the programming guide, but still this is very frustrating. The box is slow and "clumsy." It will drop the sound once in a while requiring the box to be unplugged. Personally, I can't wait for those new Panasonic DVRs that Comcast is suppose to pick up soon. Anyone else out there feel the same way?

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