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Editor hyptonized; reviews Narnia as a 10-year old

Ross Miller

How far would you go to review a video game? Most of us beg just to receive early copies, but not Mark Robbins. As Deputy Editor of the Official Xbox Magazine, Mr. Robbins has decided to one-up all previous extremes by having himself hypnotized (we are not kidding).

In order to review The Chronicles of Narnia, professional hypnotist Mark Howe regressed Mr. Robbins into a title's target age group--a 10-year old boy--for 45 minutes of play time. The review, a 'chronicle' (pun intended) of the events, and video footage will be available in next month's issue of The Official Xbox Magazine in the UK.

Alright, Joystiq readers, we post the following query: what would this man do for a Klondike bar? Free stars* for the most creative response.

* valued at approximately nada

[Thanks, m3mnoch and game-hawg]

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