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First volley of MacBook Pros: received

Ryan Block, @ryan

Well, maybe it's not fair to say this is the first round of MacBook Pro unboxing pics after the series we got over the weekend (supposedly shot from within Apple headquarters), but the point here is that people who pre-ordered are starting to receive their MacBooks. We're all very excited for them, in a grinding-teeth-considering-grand-theft kinda way, but can we put that on hold for a second here and look closely at the freaking size of that power adapter? It looks roughly twice the size of the PowerBook's, even larger than an Airport Express. We're not sure what this thing's got inside that needs the kind of juice a brick like that can output, but we're really hoping it's not the Core Duo -- and we really hope the speculation about poor battery life isn't about to come true. Guess we'll find out in a few hours as the first people start charging (and discharging) theirs for the first time to find out. Anyone who's received theirs care to comment?

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