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Toshiba killing CRTs and analog tuners

Ryan Block, @ryan

Along with that slew of new all-digital Regza HDTVs Toshiba just announced, they've also declared an end to manufacturing CRTs. Now, to the best of our knowledge they're not the biggest or the most influential CRT manufacturer in town, nor are they the first in recent memory to drop their CRT business, but perhaps what we found even more interesting than shutting down CRT operations is that Toshi's going to completely stop making devices with analog tuners, including certain LCD TV, which we understand are selling quite well (at least in Japan, anyway). It's a hard line to take, we understand, but sometimes the Joe Q. Consumer needs a little coaxing into the future, and we're pretty long overdue for the digital television / HDTV revolution. So thanks, Toshiba, for dragging us into the future, even if it's kicking and screaming.

[Thanks, JAL]

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