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MSNBC declares DTV transition in 2006, not 2009

Kevin C. Tofel

Please tell us this is a mistake or an outdated story that was accidentally republished. Actually, how can it be since MSNBC is a major news source? Seems that nobody told Gary Krakow that the DTV transition is February 17, 2009, so he's figuratively "breaking the law" by telling folks that all analog TV is shutting down on December 31, 2006. This came about on "Krakow's Corner" when a reader asked if he'll have to trash his TV set because of the switchover. Luckily, the rest of the answer is correct as Gary provides options to either purchase a DTV set or a converter box.

The article mentions the 85-percent rule, meaning that the transition won't occur until 85% of households can receive a digital signal (not an HDTV-signal as stated). That's all moot now that we have the DTV legislation signed into law and folks are unlikely to read that far. Gary, we love your tech coverage and we're all for speeding up the DTV transition, but misinformation isn't the way to do it dude!

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