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The Xbox 360 is now entirely edible


When Ben Zackheim talked about Joystiq becoming more influential, we're pretty sure this isn't what he had in mind. As our regular readers will know, one of the things that annoyed us the most about the Xbox 360 was the fact that it didn't taste nearly as good as chocolate. What we needed was an Xbox 360: Cocoa edition; little did we know our gluttony would be answered.

Flattered though we were to find that Microsoft made us a chocolate Xbox 360 controller, because of the size of the Joystiq team we were forced to distribute the chocolate on a button-per-person basis. Needless to say our taste buds wanted more. Apparently, Microsoft anticipated our needs and made an entire Xbox 360 out of chocolate for X05. We just hope it hasn't been sitting in that display cabinet since last year.

[Via Gamerscore. Thanks, untitled]

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