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Asus shows modular concept PC

Marc Perton

We always thought that when it came to designing new computers, Asus believed that slapping a Lamborghini logo on a laptop was about as cutting edge as it got. But it turns out that the company is full of surprises, since Asus has unveiled a concept PC that looks nothing like anything currently on the market (though it does look a bit like the bookshelf PC from the Microsoft/ISDA design contest). Instead of a beige box, the PC is an open shelf; its innards consist of a series of modules that can be connected to the PC simply by being stacked on the shelf, where they get their power via induction and communicate with other modules wirelessly. Want to upgrade your processor? Swap modules. Need a new hard drive or graphics engine? Same thing. Right now, this is strictly on the drawing board, but props to Asus for showing us that there's more to the company than racecar-inspired notebooks.

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