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Rich Caplio GR reviewed

Marc Perton

Ricoh's Caplio GR has got to be one of the most unusual digital cameras ever made. While it has some features that rival those of high-end EVFs and even some DSLRs, including an 8-megapixel imager, ISO settings up to 1600 and RAW support, it also has a fixed wide-angle lens at 28 mm at f 2.4. That's right: no zooming in or out with this camera, and no aperture adjustments either. You get one focal length, and if you don't like it, too bad. Oh, and you'll pay about $700 for the privilege, putting the GR at a higher price point than some SLRs. So, what's the point of this unique camera, and is it really worth $700? DigiCamReview took a look at it, and found that the camera took good shots with decent color, saturation and contrast, had solid autofocus performance, and was well-designed, with good ergonomics and controls. However, the reviewer also found that, even for photographers looking for a wide-angle compact, there are better options, such as Kodak's EasyShare V570, which, with its unique dual-lens setup, is able to offer both a 23mm wide-angle lens and 3x optical zoom. Still, we agree with the reviewer that Ricoh deserves kudos for taking the risk of creating something as unique as the GR, even if it is priced way out of line with its features.

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