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Samsung introduces L60 and L85 compacts, GX-1L DSLR

Evan Blass

Samsung has just announced the impending introduction of three new digicams at PMA 2006, including their second digital SLR and what is claimed to be the world's first camera with HDMI-out. Two of the new models, the L60 and L85, are compact point-and-shooters, and both feature VGA video at 30fps, digital movie stabilization, and use of the 3x optical zoom during video capture. The L60 sports a six megapixel sensor and 2.4-inch LCD, with the L85 steps it up to eight megapixels and a 2.5-inch display, and also features HDMI for viewing images on HD sets in their native resolution. Rounding out the bunch is the budget six megapixel GX-1L DSLR, followup to Samsung's GX-1, which ships with a Schneider D-XENON lens and accepts Pentax replacement lenses. The L60, L85, and GX-1L will be available in April, for $300, $500, and $unknown, respectively. Keep reading for the full set of pics...

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