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Found Footage: Steve Jobs' Macworld bloopers

David Chartier

In a move that I'm sure is just begging for the wrath of Jobs, someone has put together a well-crafted blooper video that looks at the best quirks, mistakes and glitches of Steve Jobs' Macworld keynotes. The video is hosted at YouTube and we're linking to it here, so you should be able to click on the image above and play it right here in TUAW (or your RSS reader) as long as Flash is enabled.

I have to agree with the post at FreeMacBlog: it's pretty tough to watch this and not squirm at least a little, especially during my personal favorite: the 2005 keynote when I believe it was Sony's CEO who painfully stumbled and blundered through a speech about... well I don't even remember what it was about anymore.

This video is a nice reminder of those unfortunate (yet darn funny) blooper moments of Macworld keynotes that we all so easily forget once we open our new [insert Apple product here]. Check out FreeMacBlog's post where I found this, or head over to YouTube where the video lives - at least for now.

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