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Judgment Day arrives for RIM

Marc Perton

Is today the day that Judge James Spencer will order RIM to shut down its US network, leaving millions of BlackBerry users either in the lurch or dependent upon a somewhat sketchy workaround? Or will Spencer decide to delay his ruling in light of recent patent rulings against RIM's archrival, NTP? Will RIM CEO James Balsille decide he can't stand the pressure anymore, and just write a big check to NTP to end the long-running conflict? Or will Spencer just throw out the case once and for all and wash his hands of the whole mess? One thing is certain: all eyes will be on a courtroom in Virginia, where Spencer's hearing is already in progress. To help you sort things out (or, more likely, to just feed into your insatiable obsession with this case), here's a handy compendium of the latest reports on the RIM-NTP showdown:

And just in case you need to lighten up a little after checking in with all of the ponderous pundits, be sure to take another look at The Onion's BlackBerry Service Shutdown infographic. Remember, if RIM's network goes dead, you can always communicate via flare gun!

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