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Load time from HELL! PSP game takes its sweet time

A warning to curious Joystiq'ers: the video presented above is long... very, very long. It's a (presumably) undoctored video detailing the time to get from menu to gameplay in THQ's WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2006 for the PSP. The following sites had this to say about the loads:

  • Gamespot: "You will need to suffer through some lengthy loads prior to wrestler entrances, and then another lengthy load prior to the match. Thankfully, the in-game action doesn't suffer from any slowness or technical issues, but getting into a match does take a touch longer than it ought to."
  • 1UP: "...being a PSP game, you should expect some ridiculous load times, which thankfully can be shortened by simply turning off those entrances that you've already seen a million times over."
  • Yahoo! Games: "The load times may annoy you, but they're pretty much on par with the rest of the PSP library."
To preempt any console flaming, I'll say that I have a PSP, and of all the games I have--which admittedly isn't many (alright, alright, just one jab)--I have never seen a load screen like this; not on the PSP or any console! One would think load screens this long would immediately disqualify a game from being reviewed, not to mention being enjoyed! Any masochists manage to find enjoyment in this mess? For shame THQ... for shame.

[Thanks, Joe]

UPDATE: Updated the video link after the earlier one stopped working.

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