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No Black on 360 till MS makes it so... or a sequel comes out

Dan Choi

EA's decidedly offline first-person shooter Black won't be coming to the Xbox 360, if Criterion's Alex Ward has anything to say about it, at least until Black 2 hits store shelves. Ward also lays the blame for the lack of Xbox backward compatibility for Black and the Burnout series of games squarely on Microsoft's emulating shoulders.

It's somewhat surprising that Ward would deny an enhanced version of Black on the 360, considering the updated Burnout Revenge scheduled to hit retail in just a few weeks. Alex did insist, however, that compatibility for Revenge was not up to the developer, stating: "We'd absolutely love it if our Burnout games worked on 360, but it's down to what Microsoft wants to do. It controls and decides what games its emulator works with. I've actually asked them four times myself for them to make it happen, but it's really not up to us."

Could a misunderstanding or breakdown in communication be responsible for this perceived slight? Xbox Corporate VP Todd Holmdahl did say last fall that Microsoft was "working with developers to certify that their games will run on Xbox 360 down the line" (see Q&A linked below) but a high-profile current-gen title like Black still managed to fall through the emulation cracks. Well, we suppose that this situation's more than plausible considering the fact that Far Cry and Doom 3 are still missing from the BC list (with no relief in sight), but what's with the hold up, MS?

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