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Sony's PlayStation brand strongest in the industry


The Sony PlayStation 3 and the PSP have the highest percentage of brand awareness amongst consumers according to Forrester's latest report on the video games industry (which we covered earlier, twice). The mail based survey (of 10,000 households in North America) found that 72% of North American consumers have heard of the PlayStation 3 and a full 6% plan to buy one, despite the fact that Sony has yet to announce a final feature set, a release date or the console's price.

The Sony PSP came second on the chart of consumer gaming device awareness - 65% of consumers have heard of the PSP and around 3% plan to buy one. It's clear that Microsoft's Xbox 360 console faces an uphill battle if it wants to wrestle the mindset of North American consumers away from Sony.

Amusingly--and probably unsurprisingly--none of the consumers that had heard of the Infinium Phantom said they were planning on buying the console.

[Update: elaborated on the origins of the survey.]

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