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WWJD 3 - The photoshop showdown!

Ryan Block, @ryan

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Can you believe it's been a year and a half since the last What Would (Steve) Jobs Do? (and closing in on two years since the first)? Well, we're all a little perplexed about what it is Steve could be announcing next Tuesday -- he's surely saving his biggest announcements this year for April when they'll be celebrating Apple's 30th birthday. So what's he got coming next Tuesday at the "Fun new products" announcement? Is it a touchscreen video iPod or iTablet? The Intel media Mac mini? Some more Intel machines like a 12-inch MacBook Pro or Intel iBook? Or something even more interesting, still?

We don't want you to tell us, we want you to show us. Whip up your best possible photoshop mockups of what you think Steve's got going on behind the scenes, and drop them in our comments (or you can email your entries to engadget (at) gmail (dot) com, subject "WWJD3," no quotes). You've got until 11.59PM EST Sunday, the 26th -- we'll get together the best entries in a gallery on Monday, and the winner (as chosen by Engadget) will get a 1GB iPod nano. See? Easy as that. So show us, What Would (Steve) Jobs Do?

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