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DS homebrew gets organized


Proving that it can boost productivity as well as destroying it, the homebrew scene has churned out a DS organizer suite for us to download and arrange our overly complicated work schedules with. Cleverly entitled DSOrganize, the software boasts a calendar, an address book with vCard support, a day planner, multiple languages, a file browser and rudimentary handwriting recognition. The latter part is excellent news, what with my handwriting being so very rudimentary indeed.

Now, presented with this homebrew creation, you may recall a rumor about Nintendo filing a patent for something called V-Pocket, supposedly stemming from them licensing the Palm operating system for the DS. However, unless we missed something, it doesn't look like anything ever came of that. Given its stylus-based interface and Wi-Fi capabilities, the DS seems like it could be an ideal (and cheap) alternative to other handheld organizers, with an added benefit of playing some stellar games. With web browsing taken care of, would you be interested in an official organizer package for the DS?

[Thanks mandarin!]

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