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SkyHD plans SMS remote recording control

Kevin C. Tofel

We stumbled upon a great report of SkyHD's next and future plans for the high-definition service prepping to launch this year, and one interesting tidbit grabbed our peepers. Not out of the gate, but sometime after launch, SkyHD consumers can text or SMS a command to their set-top box to set a recording. The example given was an SMS of “24.Sky1.Sunday” indicating to record the show "24" on the Sky1 channel this Sunday. No deets on the service charge, but we'd expect it to be nominal. We use the MSN Remote Record service over the web as part of Windows Media Center on our box and while that works well, not everyone has an Internet connection every time they suddenly remember to record a show. Folks typically do have a mobile phone however, so we would spread some HDBeat luvin' if someone could find or develop an SMS recording service for WMCE!

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