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Hitachi's EMIEW getting into the hotel clerk game

Evan Blass

Hitachi's EMIEW (Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as Workmate) bot has finally decided on a career, and instructed its masters to put it through an intensive job training program- as a hotel clerk. It's unclear which EMIEW model (Pal, Chum, or one of their new Buds) will be working alongside Sheraton Hotel mascot "Penton" at the Grand Tokyo Bay Hotel from March 6th through the 12th, but the unlucky wheeled-droid is in for the most annoying of all job-related tasks: dealing with kids all day. Penton will teach EMIEW the proper wording and behavior of a hotel clerk ("Hey you kids, stop running by the pool!," "I'm sorry sir, I have no idea why the maid would steal your watch and cellphone"), which he himself apparently picked up by watching Michael J. Fox's rather-forgettable 1993 romantic comedy, For Love or Money.

[Via The Raw Feed]

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