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Sony Esprit TAV-L1 hides a BRAVIA behind grille

Kevin C. Tofel

If you need an HDTV to match your fridge, Sony's new Esprit TAV-L1 might be the chef's specialty. The new Esprit line boasts a touch-sensitive speaker grill in front of the 32-inch BRAVIA HDTV that protects your precious LCD during audio mode. Touch the speaker grille and it glides down the pedestal to reveal the high-def flat panel.

A top-loading CD and DVD slot complements the 50 watts-per-channel 2.1 sound complete with a 100 watt sub. A 40-incher follows the 32-inch model, which you can expect in May for around 4,000 British pounds. Check it out in Black or White; sorry Emeril, no almond.

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