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Multi-touch DS patent? And DSOrganize software makes a PDA out of it?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We're certainly not lumping these together out of likeness, but the DS had some news going on this weekend: first, in the form of a patent that surfaced in the USPTO regarding DS multi-touch input, something becoming all the rage these days. Nice, nice, but before we start anticipating too much what the DS might one day do, we'd like to call attention to something it can do now: pretend to be a PDA. Makes perfect sense, though; you carry your DS around with you anyway, and by all accounts it probably has more screen real estate and horsepower than that aging Palm. So why not use DSOrganize, a new homebrew with a calendar app, day planner, vCard support, and (early) handwriting recognition? Because, c'mon here, let's get real, at least your DS has WiFi.

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