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Power Leveling Professions


Want to go from zero to three-hundred skill in just a few hours?  No problem, provided sufficient preparation - and a little guidance from someone who's done it before wouldn't hurt, either.  Most professions have a few highly desirable items that are bind on pickup - meaning if you want one, you have to level the profession and make it yourself.  As I recently ran my priest from 0 to 300 tailoring in order to craft myself Truefaith Vestments (trust me, it wasn't very much fun), I thought I would try to gather up some information for people trying to do similar tasks.  Know of any excellent crafting guides I've missed?  Drop your links in the comments section!

Tailoring Resources

  • Thottbot's tailoring page has a comprehensive list of patterns and where to find them.
  • Chezzik's Fast Track guide to Tailoring includes a detailed list of supplies to have on hand when you start (I recommend farming in advance), the best recipes to train with, and detailed information about what you can expect to pay and what you can expect to make back.

Blacksmithing Resources

Engineering Resources
  • Thottbot's engineering page has a comprehensive list of schematics and where to find them.
  • darkSicarius' 300 ENGINEERING for cheap is a short, but detailed guide for leveling up engineering, including a materials list and the best recipes to train with.  There's also a nice breakdown of the differences between Gnomish and Goblin engineering here, in case you haven't made up your mind yet. 
  • Velgard provides a more detailed answers about Goblin and Gnome engineering  here

Enchanting Resources
  • Thottbot's enchanting page has a comprehensive list of available enchants and where to find them.  For some reason it appears to be slightly out of order right now, so browse with caution.
  • Jaywu's Enchanting FAQ contains a guide from going from 1-250 skill.

Alchemy Resources
  • Thottbot's alchemy page has a comprehensive list of recipes and where to find them.
  • Grendelbane's Alchemy Guide is a short and sweet list of ingredients and crafting orders, nicely formated by Adalia from Archimonde server.

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