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SkyHD details

Matt Burns

Sky HD is launching soon and there has not been that many specific details so far but PVRWire sent us a great article. It is lengthy but is full of details. Here is a summery for ya.

  • They will carry both 720p and 1080i - depends on the station
  • There will be no 576p option - suprising
  • Everything will be 50Hz
  • Sky One HD will be simucasted with Sky One
  • The stations will carry true HD and up-converted SD
  • Sky Sports HD will combine HD programs from all 4 Sky Sports Stations
  • The Sky HD boxes will only be sold with installation - might change later
  • The box will have HDMI and SCART ports - HDMI cable included
Coolest feature:
  • Browsing the EPG via SMS. Simply text a specific number with the day and program and it will respond with when it is on.
[Thanks for the tip Martin!]

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