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Apple's special event a bit of a letdown

Jan Kabili

I rushed to TUAW's special event headquarters (actually my spare room) to participate in our chatcast during Apple's special event this morning. My blood was pumping; my fingers were poised at the keyboard; I was psyched for something really exciting. . . . And then came the letdown.

Sure it's nice to see the Mac mini go Intel, but if I'm going to splurge on any of the Intel Macs it's more likely to be on a MacBook Pro given my peripatetic lifestyle. The iPod Hi-Fi is a bit of a surprise, but I have to agree with C.K. that the concept is just so '80's. More importantly, the Hi-Fi's price point is too steep for my pocketbook. I'd rather save my $349 bucks toward that MacBook Pro. When Steve first mentioned the leather cases for the iPod with video I was psyched, but for $99 I'd expect to be able to view the screen and access the controls -- neither of which is possible with these cases.

So I'm going home empty-handed and will remain that way until the next big Apple announcement. I may be disappointed now, but I know the letdown is only temporary. I'm sure I'll be the first one in line for the next Apple special event. That is, unless you're there first.

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