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Hasselblad 503CWD: classic styling, 16 megapixels, $14,000

Marc Perton

Designed around the classic Hasselblad 503, with Carl Zeiss Planar CFE 2.8/80 mm lens, 2.2-inch OLED display, FireWire 800 output and a 16 megapixel 36.7 x 36.7 mm sensor, the Hasselblad 503CWD may well be the most beautiful digital camera ever made. Of course, at about $14,000, it's not for everyone. Which may explain why Hasselblad is only making 500 of the cameras, to commemorate the 100th birthday of company founder Victor Hasselblad. No, this isn't a camera for carrying around to take candids of the kids. But if you've got the cash and long for a high-end studio digicam with a sense of history, get in line. Those 500 are probably going to go very quickly.

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