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Steve Jobs keynote: Pre-game coverage

Peter Rojas

We're here... I'm Ryan Block and it's a beautiful Tuesday morning in Cupertino (after a weekend of rain) and I'm kickin' it live from the Steve Jobs "Fun new products" keynote at Apple Town Hall on the Apple campus. The rest of the Engadget crew is standing by for our pre-game coverage (and our team in China is at the ready to provide some realtime translation); they're not admitting press into the event yet, but I did have to get up and cruise for a minute as MSNBC framed their shot. I'll keep you updated as they start admitting -- this is the page to bookmark and check back on as we get closer to the event, so stay tuned and make sure your F5 key's not broken or anything.

8:39AM PT - Members of the press are starting to arrive. Look, there's Leo Laporte. And the CNet gang. Hope there's not a fight for the good seats.

8:59AM PT - We're inside! Just the usual mingling and lingering about before we get underway. Say, is that Bono?

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