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The Intel Macmini is perfect for HDTV

Ben Drawbaugh

It's finally arrived: the Mac that is made to be used with your HDTV! Browsing through Apple's list of accessories for the new Mac mini reveals just what we have been waiting for. Not only do they list the various adapters that we mentioned in our "How to connect your PC to your HTPC" article but they also mention all the various resolutions. So it doesn't matter if you have DVI, HDMI, or VGA, you are covered. (no love for component video without a converter

I am the most excited about the mention of the resolutions; in the past you would have to use a third party product such as DisplayConfigX to get your Mac mini to output the correct resolution, now it seems it's supported by OSX. This in combination with the overscan adjustment built into to the display preferences is very impressive. Audio was considered as well as the new Mac mini includes SPDIF in and out so you can enjoy DD 5.1 in all it's glory.

Now all we need are HD movies via iTunes and life would be perfect. I am of course assuming that the Core Solo 1.5 is fast enough to decode H.264 HD material. Even though I just got my MacBook Pro I am off to to order a new Mac mini!

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