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Costco selling the 20" iMac G5 at discount

David Chartier

A Mac User Group email list that I'm on noticed that Costco of all places (think: Sams Club competitor) is selling the 20" iMac G5 with iSight for $1479.99. While the machine is listed on their site, they instruct customers to check their local stores for available stock; it looks like they don't have any available for web order.

Aside from Costco beating out Apple by $20, I think it's a little strange that the iMac is the only machine they seem to carry. A search at their website for "mac" returns nothing but a few software packages (including Quicken 2006 for Mac for $60 with a $20 rebate), but "imac" actually returns this one lone model they're selling. There's no word on how long they'll be carrying these machines, but with the rate that PowerPC based machines are disappearing, I'd recommend you pick one up while they're hot if you're interested.

[UPDATE: Wow, this price is even better than I thought. Turns out that $1479 includes a 3-year AppleCare program. Run, don't walk! Thanks Derek!]

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