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Joystiq T-Shirt Design Contest [Update 2]

Vladimir Cole

March is national video game t-shirt month (because we said so). That means it's time we put together a Joystiq T-shirt, with your help, of course. The winner will be amply rewarded with a domestic (not imported) DS Lite plus two games. To win, create a kick-ass T-shirt design using the Joystiq logo.

A few rules:

  1. The design must be your original work and you must own the rights to it. We don't need the IP Sherriff sniffin' round here for copyright violations.
  2. We will be printing the shirts with spot color (if you're not sure what that is, please Google). You may use three Pantone colors total. All colors must be converted to spot colors with correct Pantone numbers. Though you aren't required to use our logo colors, there should be a strong design reason for departure from them.
  3. Placement of the design on the shirt is up to you. Front, back, sleeve, whatever your creative heart desires.
  4. The design must look good!
  5. The design must incorporate our logo (eps here or here).
  6. By submitting your design you give us non-exclusive rights to use the image in the design of a Joystiq t-shirt as well as for other Joystiq promotional materials.
  7. Submissions: send your design and a short description of it to joystiq.applications at gmail. Format of submission is unimportant. Just make sure the image is large enough and clear enough for us to evaluate it. If we choose your design, we'll need a color-separated EPS version for printing purposes.
  8. We reserve the right to select no design at all if none of the submissions thrill us.
  9. Residents of the world are invited to enter the contest, provided your local laws allow you to enter such contests.
  10. Deadline for entries: March 31.
  11. Winner will be decided by a panel of Joystiq judges by mid-April.
  12. Submit as many designs as you like. Remember, we're looking for a good design, so we encourage multiple submissions because that gives us more to choose from.
  13. You could go front and back with a design, but that'll increase costs of printing. Ideally, we want a shirt that won't cost too much to produce.
[Update 1: clarified rules based on questions asked in comments.]
[Update 2: Rules #2 and #7 have been clarified.]

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