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Eclipse AVN6600 puts two DVD players in your dash

Marc Perton

Until we checked out the AVN6600 from Eclipse, we didn't think we needed a dash-mounted DVD player. Now that we've seen it, we're convinced: we need two. The AVN6600 not only puts two DVD players front-and-center in your ride, but also includes an integrated GPS unit with a 6.5-inch display. The idea is that one DVD player can be dedicated to serving up maps for the GPS, while the second one can be used for audio. And since the DVD player is MP3 and WMA compatible, that's a lot of audio. The second player can also drive a rear-seat video display. Of course, you could also use the nav display for DVD video and skip the GPS, but that could interfere just a little bit with your driving. (Oh, and Steve, it'll work with your iPod.)

[Via Foursprung]

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