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Neural Robotics Incorporated equips AutoCopter with 12-gauge shotgun

Evan Blass

We've seen a number of autonomous helicopters in our day, but most of them just fly around showing off their avoidance and maneuvering skills and snapping the occasional photo or vid. Well Neural Robotics Incorporated has just made their AutoCopter minicopter a lot more, um, interesting by adding an AA-12 12-gauge shotgun to the nose of the hovering sentry. Previously, the sub-$100,000 AutoCopter was restricted to such "mundane" tasks as surveillance, mine detection, and escort duty, but made a fun and easy target for enemies to pick off. According to the rather loving write-up by Defense Review, with the addition of heavy firepower, this semi- or fully-autonomous, parachute-equipped copter is now able to "seek out, locate, identify, and destroy/terminate (i.e. kill) the enemy with extreme prejudice at 300 rounds-per-minute." Isn't technology great! You can catch some footage of this little terror in action by following the "Read" link...

[Via Defense Tech]

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