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PS2 dead, hints Official PlayStation Magazine

Vladimir Cole

The Official PlayStation Magazine (readership numbers here) is on news stands, where we snapped a photograph of the cover, shown above. There are a few reasons that the headline copy, which claims that Black is "the last great PS2 game" is curious:

  1. You can only claim that a title is the "last great PS2 game" once. You can be sure that the editors won't be doing it again, not if they hope to retain any credibility with their readership. This indicates that there really will be no more "great games," assuming the eds have any insight whatsoever into the remaining PS2 pipeline.
  2. Isn't it a little early to announce the last stop on the PS2 train if the PlayStation 3 is still six to nine months away? If PS3 delays are as extensive as folks speculate they are, wouldn't a promotional rag want to save such an emphatic proclamation till fall?
  3. Think of the poor developers! How many PS2 games are still in development? How does this cover make them feel? There's tears in our beers at the thought of it.

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