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Samsung DVD-HD950 review - Home Theater Mag

Matt Burns

DVDs are 480p. Your HDTV is not (although it can display DVDs). So what's a guy supposed to do? Well you have two options. One, present your HDTV with a good 480p picture via component and a progressive scan DVD player. Or two, use a DVD player with a scaler built in that takes the resolution of the DVD and inserts the necessary information to make that 480p picture ether 720p or 1080i.

Home Theater Magazine has taken a closer look at the second option with Samsung's DVD-HD950. Overall they like the design and features that includes DVD Audio and SACD options. It is an attractive looking box, but that's where the fun starts to slow down. The picture quality from most movies was over saturated and noisy when using the scaler and the component output at 480p looked more natural. Now it wasn't all bad as Finding Nemo's bright cartoon colors looked great, but all the live action movies did not. It is worth a read if a new DVD player is in your future.

What has your experience been with DVD scalers? If you have bought one would you spend the money on it again?

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