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This week's Diggnation on Macs


*sigh* That was a funny episode. I just finished watching the latest episode of Diggnation, the video podcast associated with Digg. Usually the show is amusing, but this week cohosts Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht hosted the video podcast in a bar in front of a live audience and the ending became very funny and Apple related. They'd been doing shots alongside their beers and Alex accidently put his PC laptop into standby mode, and Kevin made a comment about how that wouldn't happen with a Mac. Alex retorted something like "Yeah a Mac just goes to sleep and you lose battery power" and the crowd started booing him.

Kevin: Yeah, Mac fans!
Alex: Wait a minute. Are there really that many Mac fans?
*CROWD GOES NUTS; Kevin gives Alex the bird*
Kevin: YES!
Alex: Wait a minute... That's why we only have 150,000 viewers!

Wrong, so wrong, but that's funny stuff.

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