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With focus on Blu-ray, Sony quietly kills PDD

Marc Perton

We suspect that, as far as media extinctions go, the death of Sony's PDD (Professional Disc for Data) format will probably rank somewhere above the demise of the 8-track tape, but well below the end of vinyl. Still, we should take a moment to remember the format, which is, after all, the precursor to (and a "pro" version of) today's Blu-ray disc, which is now taking its place as the golden child of Sony's media roadmap. If you've already made a sizable investment in PDD, you're not clean out of luck, however. Sony will keep selling PDD drives through the end of next year, and will provide tech support and keep media available until at least 2014. But if you were hoping for a next-gen PDD that could hold more than today's 23GB discs, it's time for you to start singing the Blus.

[Thanks, Indeego]

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