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DS lite import pricing meets supply and demand

Dan Choi

Hardware importers have begun to raise prices on imports of the DS lite.

Not that we should be overly surprised by the bump in prices--to match consumer demand in Japan (and elsewhere)--but Lik-Sang pre-orderers got a nasty surprise when they learned via e-mail that the price of their updated hardware had gone up from $169 to $199 (USD).

As the folks at Lik-Sang explained on their web site: "Supply is not even remotely meeting demand, which, as we all learnt in economics class, always lead to higher prices" (even if supply takes "several weeks or under extreme circumstances even more" to replenish). At least Lik-Sang customers won't have to pay $300 like early adopters ordering from NCSX might have to at launch. This shortage is just so 360-ish it hurts.

[Thanks, Sagan; image taken from Watch Impress here]

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