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Gamepark announces redesigned XGP and surprise XGP Mini

Evan Blass

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Since the open-source GP2X handheld gaming console has earned itself quite a devoted little following, we're sure that several of you will be excited to learn that Gamepark (but not Gamepark Holdings, who had split off to release the GP2X) has released photos of two upcoming models that may or may not pack the same PMP and emulation goodness -- these may be geared towards the commercial market -- into slightly different packages. First is the redesigned XGP (Extreme Game Player) handheld, which ditches the swivel screen design that we once opined "looks a bit like the bastard child of a PSP and a Sidekick," for a more traditional Game Gear / Lynx / Nomad-type form factor, while one-upping the GP2X in screen size (4-inches vs. 3.5), the addition of a DMB TV receiver, and a little standard known as WiFi. The real surprise, though,  was the XGP Mini, an obvious rip-off of homage to the Game Boy Micro, which like the GP2X and XGP, sports an SD slot and 64MB NAND memory, but 32MB less RAM than the 64MB found in its brethren. Although release dates are unknown for either model, the XGP will supposedly retail for around $300, while the XGP Mini (pictured after the break) will cost $150.

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