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Gefen's new component extender

Ben Drawbaugh

In today's home theaters, no one want to have all their fancy equipment sitting on top of their shiny new HDTVs, and yesterday's technology can't help much when it comes to distributing HD signals around the house.

Transferring HD material throughout the house or even to another room just got a little easier with Gefen's new Component Extender. The extender uses CAT5 to extend your VGA or component signals up to 300 feet and handles 1080p transmissions. It has VGA ports on the box but includes the VGA to component adapter. I could have used one of these in my setup, but instead I used 3 coax runs which are a little harder to run than a single CAT5 cable. On the other hand 3 coax runs doesn't cost $300 like Gefen's new device.

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