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iTunes Movie Store?


My theory is Apple is going to continue the smaller announcements throughout the year, if for no other reason than to distract everyone from the impending doom that is Vista. Case in point, the cryptic comment Steve made after this week's announcement: "we'll see you all real soon." AppleInsider now reports on what might be the announcement next time Apple gathers the analysts for another show— the iTunes Movie Store. The evidence is in the form of a screenshot, and details surrounding a survey. The survey is incredibly descriptive, hinting at possible subscription service instead of the buy-and-own model we've all come to love. It would be $9.99 a month for subscription, but $12.95 to buy a movie, according to the survey (and it asks which respondents would prefer). For additional salt in the wound, there appears to be no provision for burning these to DVD. I know most people still trust those plastic discs, and it's partly a cost issue (or perceived cost anyway), but personally I'm happy to keep buying terabytes for pennies and archive onto HD's. Anyone here interested in a subscription model for iTMS at all? Personally, that's what I'm afraid of...

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