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Samus returns as... a Metroid paperweight

The Penny Arcade crew live in an alternate dimension. One where donuts come by the pallet-load, and very exclusive Metroid Prime: Hunters shwag--in the form of this decorative paperweight--is freely given away.

Yeah, we know, decorative paperweight is normally a pejorative term for something that serves no other purpose than to sit there and look pretty so we'll let Tycho--who knows his way around a word or two--describe it himself:

"It's three dimensional, tiny bubbles like "voxels" (remember those?) describe the entire image.  These objects (along with their black case/purple velvet interior) were given to the developers when they completed First Hunt for the DS launch.  So owning it makes me feel a little like a fraud, but then I gaze into its tranquil depths and the world (with all its troubles) disappears."


[Thanks, Mack Swift]

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